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John Kahler Memorial
Monday, October 20, 2014 - 12 Noon
El Dorado Golf Club
2400 N. Studebaker Road
Long Beach

50th Class Reunion
Right now our next gathering will be in 2017.
If you have any suggestions for our 50th Celebration, please drop us an email at
And please always keep your contact info current by updating your profile at and click 1967

Friday, May 15, 2009

60th Birthday Celebration and 40th Reunion!

60th Birthday Celebration
Saturday, August 29, 2009
Honoring the Class of '67

Another successful event has concluded - it was a great reunion of friends. So many who attended our joint '60th' birthday party commented on how much they enjoyed the casual evening and opportunity to visit, enjoy food and drink and later dance. We shared a spectacular sunset against the beautiful Alamitos Bay. One of the many highlights was the elementary and junior high 'mini' reunions from Mann to Gant, Jefferson to Hill ... it was a wonderful time to renew treasured friendships! Enjoy photos taken by Kenny Siegers, Norman Riggs, JoEllen Munnerlyn Whitecotton and June Peterson Anderson (top right) ... we look forward to receiving more photos and will post as received!
Seen at the scene ...
Mike Bander
RaeDel Barker Shaw
Cassie Berrisford
Larry Blaisdell
Don Bright
Letitia Cadwallader Duesler
Monty Cochran
Cheryl Cocke Oliver
Val Connelley Nasser
Barbara Cottle Varat
DeeDee Crary Voorhees
Victoria Davis
Cam Doherty Killingsworth
Sherry Drake Smith
Lavada 'Jean' Finn Jaynes Santavicca
Lynn Gescheider Nielsen
Carolyn Gill Callahan
Greg Gill
Michael Griffin
Wim Griffith
David Haldane
Bill Harris
Bob Harris
Donna Harris O'Donnell
Susan Howell De Witz
John Kahler
Wendy Krafft Copra
Bruce Lewis
Pam Lewis-Plumbley
Barbara Livengood
Jessica Losch
Kari Lydersen Boster
Charlene Marks
Gregg Miller
Greg Morgon
Patricia Mulvey Cooney
Jo Ellen Munnerlyn Whitecotton
Casey Nasser
Judi Nesbitt McMahon
Wayne Nicholls
Rick Paap
June Peterson Anderson
Jim Price
Phyllis Rathbone Robison
Norman Riggs
Gay Sandberg Anderson
Carole Ann Schnug Marlowe
George Scouten
Jeff Severson
Diane Shaw Caldwell
Joseph A. Shuff, III
Pat Shuford DeLong
Kenny Siegers
Margie Switzer Cowan
Kathy Tatreau Lingener
Jon Vreeland
Janie Wheeler
Ron Wortman



.We’d like to reach as many grads as possible. Our 10, 20, 30 and 40 Year Reunions were successful due to everyone’s effort to notify as many fellow grads as possible about our celebrations.


Please keep your information current at

Click on “Register with your Reunion Committee”


Please review the Missing Grad List to see if you know the whereabouts of anyone on the list.


Email us anytime at our Class Email:

Your 60th Birthday Celebration Committee!
June, Cam, Wim, Jessica, Janet, Judy, Pat, Melanie, Judi and Tim




40th Reunion ...

What's 40 years ... among friends!

The 40th Reunion is Complete!
October 26-27, 2007

Reunion Committee Email Address

June Peterson Anderson
Cam Doherty Killingsworth
Wim Griffith
Jim & Betsy Lineberger
Jessica Losch
Janet Marcum Lehman
Judy Marcum McFadden
Melanie McKinstry Henkel
Pat Mulvey Cooney
Diane Myers Doyle
Judi Nesbitt McMahon
Kathy Ware Day
Daren Wilson Stage
Tim Wilson

The entire committee wishes to thank each and every one of you who were able to attend and we enjoyed hearing from all of you who couldn't join us but hope to in the future.
Special guests included Ed Sewell, Karen McGrew,
Dick Van Der Laan and Coaches Russ Jordan and Bob Gruneisen.
It was great to see them!
The much anticipated 40th Reunion Memory Books have been sent and WOW, what nice emails we received:

Thank you for all the hard work it took to put together the wonderful memory book. There were many people that I didn't get to talk or visit with, so it's fun to see them in the pictures. Can't wait to hear about the upcoming class
60th (OMG!) birthday party.
Fondly, Sheila Becker Henson

I got my memory book and just wanted to drop you a line and let yu know that you guys did a great job!!!! I am really enjoying it. Thanks again to you and all the committee
for your dedication and hard work.

I just got home from Montana and the memory book was waiting for me. WOW!! You guys did a wonderful job of putting that together, and I really do appreciate all that you did to put it together. Many many thanks!! It's wonderful to have some emails and addresses also. I'm so sorry I could not attend the reunion, but it is great fun to look through that book! Please extend my thanks to the committee members, and Sue Howell for sure, for all your work and efforts.
Sincerely, Jan (Thompson) Rowe

I received the memory book and it is terrific.
Looks like everyone had a great time.
Wish I could have been there.
Thank you all so much for everything.
All of you did a great job putting it together.
Thank you for the Memories.
Love, Carol T.

Thank you so much for the Memory Book. You and the committee did an outstanding job. I am very sorry to have missed it. It looks like everyone had a fabulous time. I really appreciate the book. I'm looking forward to the next reunion. Thanks for all your hard work.
Sherry Drake Smith

Great job on the book by the way. Are you sure you don't need more money for the publishing of such an outstanding job.
If so, let me know. Debi

The Memory Books were definitely worth the wait! Thank you to all the committee and especially to Pat Mulvey and Susan Howell for putting them together. It was a great evening and seeing all the pictures shows that everyone had a wonderful time seeing old friends. Several of us girls have reconnected ... going all the way back to elementary days and we just had a mini-reunion on August 15th with 8 of us!
So thank you for keeping good track of us all!
I came home last night after spending the last 4 days sitting with a dear friend in ICU that had undergone brain surgery for a malignant tumor. I have to tell you, after opening up the reunion memory book, I felt so much better. It transported me away from the difficult present moment into a world fuzzy with memories. Thank you for all the effort that went into putting this all together. I sat for hours just relishing the photos and brief histories. Of course now I wish I would have attended even though I was so busy surfing during high school I never got that involved with the campus activities. I saw that my "walking buddy" Austin Presby had died. And Chris Delance, a surfing friend. I especially appreciated Dave Haldane's essay. I think he captured in a few words what it's like to be approaching 60 and looking back. Thanks so very much for all your time, commitment, and energy that went into putting this all together. It was a lifesaver for me, if even for a moment.
Terry Eselun


We made the decision to create our own Memory Book
instead of using a professional company so we could include more photos and have more control over contents.

Our heartfelt thanks to Susan Howell DeWitz for putting the book together and Pat Mulvey Cooney for printing.

People are enjoying their walks down memory lane!


Remember to keep your contact info current via this website as we look forward to an informal gathering for our joint
'turn of the decade' 60th birthdays
Saturday, August 29, 2009.


Please enjoy one grad's 'point of view'
(David Haldane, who writes for the LA Times)
and a few photos from our 'Grads Only' night
(courtesy of Kenny Siegers):

By David Haldane

Forty years.
It’s a lifetime, really. Many of the people born the year we graduated now have teenage children of their own. When we left Wilson, there was no Internet, cell phones were a science-fiction writer’s dream and man had not yet walked on the moon. Since then, wars have been fought and entire generations defined. So it’s not surprising that it was with some trepidation that I approached the 40-year reunion of the class of ‘67.
The truth is, I thought it would be depressing. What if everyone was old; I’d have no choice but to admit to myself that I shared that condition. What could I say to people unseen since our long-distant youths? What would they have to say to me? What if I got there and didn’t know a soul, or at least not the souls they had become? Looking into the faces of long-last comrades, after all, is like holding a mirror up to your own. What if I didn’t like what I found staring back at me from that jagged shiny edge?
I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t awkward. Walking into the Coast Hotel on Friday night, I searched frantically for a face to call my own. Not seeing any, I experienced a moment of panic; like a sailor lost in a sea of strangers knowing that he would quickly drown.
Then, suddenly, there was someone, I don’t remember who, standing very close. He looked blankly at me, and I stared blankly back. Simultaneously, it seemed, our eyes fell to each other’s name tags and then smiled immediately in shock and surprise. For there, studying each other’s black-and-white portraits of long ago, we discovered we were friends.
Thus I found my strategy; look at the name tags first. It got me through those strange early moments until, before too long, the new faces looked just fine.
I can say this about meeting adolescent allies and adversaries after so many years; some things never change. The homecoming queen was still hot, and some of the athletes still buff even now. Cheerleaders still seemed cheerful, and the brainiacs were still smart.
But time has a way of humbling even the mightiest it claims as its own. It is the great equalizer before which everyone ultimately crumbles; that which makes comrades of all in its wake.
The thing of it is that we were children together. At a formative time of life, we were all there and, truth be told, the bonds that form later are of a different sort. What happens after high school is, of course, deeply consequential. But the people you knew when the world was still shiny occupy a special corner of your soul. I forget that except every decade or so when I walk into a big room feeling scared and walk out feeling young.
I guess that’s why I attend these reunions; to feel a bond that never changes in a world that never stops. To my classmates, my childhood companions, my dear old friends, my walking partners, I say, well, thanks for sharing the walk. As we face the kilometers ahead, let’s lift our canteens in a toast: that the rest of the race is as grand as the miles we’ve already passed.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


If you know how to contact any of these people, please have them register with us at or send an e-mail to and let us know they are well. If your name appears on this list, it might mean we do not have current contact information for you and/or the reunion mailings were returned to us. We apologize for any errors - our best information comes from members of our class so we appreciate any updates you might provide. If you did not receive reunion mailings, please update your contact info at - thanks so much!


Jack Abbatiello
Joan Abreu Enriquez
William (Bill) Aldrich - FOUND
Bob Ambrose
Mike Bander - FOUND
Mike Barrett
Doris Barton Relyea
Keith Beavon
William (Bill) Beck
Christine Bell
Jayne Bennett Thompson
Kathie Bentley
Dean Bishop
Sandra Bittinger Yarborough
Judy Bittle Ochoa
Nancy Blount Hickey
Elaine Boles Heniger Rose - FOUND
John Boswell - FOUND
Kristie Brautigam Taylor
Ken Bruce
Patricia Brundle Walsh
Rodney Burgess
Richard Paul Butt
Craig Cagie
Priscilla Carde
Dean Cartwright
Wallace 'Larry' Carver
Gail Charmson
Janis Christensen Simon
William Christian
Robert Clay
Roberta Clay
Connie Claypool Schellenberger
Gary Clint
Cheryl Cluck
Patricia Colby Williams
Kathleen Collins Murphy
Halene Conley Sanders - moved to In Memoriam
Bob Cook
Charlotte Cox
Kay Cox Deli
Steve Cox
Sarah Crafford
Judy Crawford
Mary Crum Doerr
Janice Cunningham Greenlee
Timothy Curtin
Richard Darsam - FOUND (on 2nd tour in Iraq as civilian employee)
Louise Dascomb Roth
Kim DeAinza - moved to In Memoriam
Steve Dean
Pat DeSturler
Jim De Vere
Renee Douglas
Larry Duree
Tom Elliott
William Erwin
Verda Farrar Asman
Karen Farrington
Sharon Farrington
Linda "Meredith" Ferrari
Ronald Carl Fink
Bill Fink
Richard Foley
Bonnie Francisco Simmons
Cathy Frantz
Edmund Gagnon
Patrick Gallagher
Ed Garrett
James Garven
Susan Gaspar Dunlavy
Lynn George
Philip Gerringer
Gregory Giardina
Terri Gibson Hatch
Barbara Gilbert
Joanne Goldsmith
Jerry Gonzales
Sharon Goosey Ellis
Terry Gray
Stuart Grover
Susan Guerin
Gerald Hagan
Richard Hall
Stella Hall
Larry Hambre
Dixie Hankinson
Ozden Haracci - moved to In Memoriam
Dana Harding
Craig Harmening - FOUND
Linda Haun
Pam Hayden Summers
Dave Heath
Gregg Henry
Curtis Henson
Charles Hickey
Cheryle Hill Woodland
Gary Hines
Saundra Howard Donaldes
Vaughn Howard - moved to In Memoriam
Barbara Hudson
Roger Hurlacker
Dick Hutchins
Vickie Jacobson Harper
Sandra James
Michael Jaromillo
Julie Johnson Haynes
Nicki ("Nicole") Johnson
Steven Johnson
Pat Kennedy
Connie Kite
John Kling
Don Klootwyk
Shirley Knox Winton
John Krieg
Suzanne La Fleiche
Jim Laiy
Frank Lambeati
Linda Lauer
Susan Lay Scott
Melanie Lemer
Pat ("Patricia") Lenehan Klasky
Cathy Lewis
Jean Lewis Doyle
Sally Lewis
Barbara Lipstein Sperling
Linda Loomis Garrett
Michael Mantz
Rosemary 'Marty' 'Mary' Martens
Juliette Mattson Bult
Paul Mattson
Gaylene Maulden Goff
Richard Mazey
Susan McCallum Sadowski
Robert McCleron
Lyn McCormick LaRosa
Mike McCoullagh
Wally McDonald
Darlene McGarrity Laridon
Michael McGinity
Steve McIntyre - moved to In Memoriam
Sharon McMurray
Phyllis McQuilkin
John Mehler - FOUND (in Sweden!)
Maria (Connie) Mendez
Don Michaelson
Donald Miller
Jim Mitchell
Patrick Mohr
Loretta Mora
Valarie Morris
Michael Moss
Debbie ("Deborah") Neibaur Allen - moved to In Memoriam
Nancy Neumann Webber
Mark Nolan
Linda Nothern
Tom O'Conner
Pamela Oglesby
Gloria Ortega
Karen Osborn Wilber
Linda Sue Page
Mary Page Goglia
Timme Pard
Mary Parham Hines
Janis Peterson
Marie Phillips
Judy Pickering
Michele (Shelly) Pohl Ugolini
(William) Bill Potter
Andy Price
Rudy Raepple - moved to In Memoriam
Walter Raepple
Vannas Randall
Shelley Rapton
Nancie Reed
Stan Reeves
Mary Reynolds
Joyce Richerson
Jay Riker
Michael Riley
Cheri Risley
Diane Robincheau Free
John Rocheort
Joy Rodriguez
Melissa Ropp Wilcox
James Ross
Jacquelinemae Rudd
Susan Russell Piper
Enno Sack
Susan Santa Cruz
(Virginia) Ginger Savage
Gloryanne Schultz
Janie Shannon
Eric Shaver
Christine Sherwood Alford
Daryl Sicard
Linda Simpson
Debbie Sloss
David Smith
Karen Smith
Lara Smith
Lauren (Lauri) Smith Farley Haferbecker
Patrick Smith
Marcia Sobelman Martinich
Charles Spicer
Danny Steinfeldt - moved to In Memoriam
Gaye Stewart
William (Bill) Still Jr. - moved to In Memoriam
Lynda Stone
Kim Swinehart
Diana Thebo
Lynn Tietjen
Sue Tolman Carlberg
Martha Turley
Catherine Tuttle
Louis Vipperman
Nancy Wagenaar Keiser
David Walsh
Allyn Watson
Stanley Webb
Clarissa 'Jane' Webber
Brynn Weinberg
Mark Weller
Cheryl West
Theresa Williams Runyon
George Wilson
Jim Winton
Louis Wood
Linda Woolington
(Edward) Don Wortman - FOUND
Joan Young Zimmerman
Sue-Ann Zahm
Linda Zalneraitis

Saturday, May 9, 2009


The classmates listed below may be gone, but never forgotten. If you know of a classmate that should be on this list, send us an e-mail - We are not aware of the circumstances surrounding the loss of each classmate. We are now keeping a record of that information as it is being sent to us. We appreciate the time each of you takes to email us those details and hope anyone reading this will continue to do so. Please know that we have endeavored to confirm the accuracy of this information but realize there may be some unintentional errors. If there are any mistakes, we apologize and ask you to please keep us informed.

Wilson High School Class of 1967..

Tanya Jo Aleksa Blauw
1.24.1949 - 4.25.2007.

Steve A. Allott
9.5.1948 - 6.25.1977.

John David Beard
11.30.1949 - 1.8.1993.

Reynaldo 'Benny' Benavides

Michael T. 'Mike' Bond
3.13.1949 - 1.26.1999.

Debra Jean Brien Murphy
5.16.1949 - 4.10.2005.

Martha Ellen Buss.

Thomas Bert 'Tom' Carman
9.21.1949 - 2.21.2007.

Dennis James Cashman
Damron Darry Cecil
11.27.1949 - 12.20.2004

Thomas John Chippendale M.D., Ph.D.
1.14.1949 - 4.2.2014

Gail Marie Clawson Stephens
10.3.1949 - 10.12.2003.

Halene Lanette Conley Sanders
8.6.1949 - 7.13.1999.

Marvin Corbett
8.16.1949 - 2.6.2005.

Mary Ellen Davies.

Walter 'Kim' Powell (DeAinza)
4.22.1949 - 12.17.1977.

Michael Scott (Scottie) Deeds
11.25.1949 - 1.5.1979
Tuol Sleng Prison Camp, Phonom Penh, Cambodia.

Christopher Edward DeLance
6.20.1949 - 1.5.1979
Tuol Sleng Prison Camp, Phonom Penh, Cambodia.

Sandra Lee Doyal Sullivan
7.11.1949 - 8.10.1999.

Gerald (Jerry) R. Edenburn

Roger Wallis Farris
3.7.1949 - 12.31.1988.

Diane Gail Fleischli Dennis
7.11.1949 - 3.3.1997.

Kathleen Theresa Fox Talluto
5.3.1949 - 10.14.1999.

Linda Patricia Flynn Green
7.17.1949 - 9.15.1989.

David Michael 'Dave' Fraser

Rosemary A. Gurkis Barnes Brunken
6.5.1948 - 3.21.2000.

Alonna Hall.

Ozden Haracci
1947 - 2002
Born and Died in his native Turkey.

Christine Muriel Hansen Hoffman
1.10.1949 - 11.15.2006.

Hallie Rush Hartley Denhart
8.24.1949 - 8.21.2007.

Richard C. 'Ricky' Hatcher
Between 1995-1997.

Vaughn Wesley Howard

Susan Carole Howell DeWitz
Jeffrey William 'Jeff' Hughey
2.14.1949 - 9.30.1975.

Steve Kenneth Hughey

Roy Allen Jeys

John J. Kahler
Sharon Teresa Knedler-Thompson
2.19.1949 - 2.14.2001.

James Carnahan Kreeger
7.1.1949 - 3.3.1981.

Christopher Landis Kurtz
(Vietnam KIA - Marine)
3.31.1949 - 5.22.1968
Angel Fire Memorial (dedicated in his honor)

Rodney Dwight Little
(Vietnam KIA - Army)
3.13.1949 - 8.16.1969

Paul H. Lopez

Steve McIntyre
10.16.1949 - 1.21.2009.

Joseph James Millar.

Penny Ann Miller Taggart
7.22.1949 - 12.1.1997.

Stephen Thomas 'Steve' Minter
10.22.1949 - 2.7.1988.

Jeffrey Thomas 'Jeff' Mulligan
2.5.1949 - 4.30.1969.

Debbie 'Deborah' Neibaur Allen Brown
8.2.1949 - 4.4.2009.

Richard Howard 'Rick' Parker.

Virginia Parra Pass
1949 - 1997.

Frank Perez
11.21.1949 - 11.1967.

Daniel Thomas 'Dan' Pillsbury
During High School
2.1.1949 - 4.18.1967.

Gerald Wayne Poteet
12.10.1949 - 11.20.2005.

Austin Presby.

Rudy Raepple

Douglas L. 'Doug' Rasmussen
5.10.1949 - 9.2.1995.

Benjamin Joseph 'Mike' Reynolds
1.3.1949 - 9.30.2000.

Cheryl Lynn 'Cheri' Ricca Delio
5.9.1949 - 4.28.1994.

Margaret Sue Roberts Michael
8.6.1949 - 8.17.1993.

Joseph 'Joey' Michael Romero
(Vietnam KIA - Marine)
11.5.1949 - 3.23.1968

Michele John 'Mike' Salta

James 'Jim' Nelson Seelau
1.16.1949 - 12.8.1991.

Steven Jay 'Steve' Solomon

Daniel 'Danny' Steinfeldt.

Charlie Bill Still, Jr.
5.27.1948 - 2.3.1996.

Ruth Gail Swick Mastriana
9.9.1949 - 7.22.2009.

Terri Lynn Thomson
During High School
8.2.1949 - 5.20.1965.

William Arthur Tisor
8.1.1948 - 7.14.1998.

Paul Alan Trafas
9.6.1949 - 12.2.2012

Robert Eugene Vedder Jr.
1.7.1949 - 6.17.2005.

Richard Keith Wadleigh
During High School
5.25.1949 - 10.19.1966.

Carol Canya Wakefield Ellis
1.29.1949 - 3.29.1988.

Rocky Walsborn
Pastor Bernie E. Wethington

Friday, May 8, 2009


Following is a complete class list.
Classmates for whom we have no current contact details are marked with an *
Please keep your contact info current and if you hear of any changes re: our fellow classmates,
please encourage them to register at
or email the new contact info to us at
*Jack Abbatiello
Ralph Abbott
Linda Abrams
*Joan Abreu Enriquez
Robert Acuna
Carol 'Libby' Adams
Dianne Adams
Carol Agajanian
Janice Ahrens Porter
Russell Albertson
William Aldrich
Charles Alford
Peggie Allen
Jane Alpizar Stewart
Philip Alvarez
Franklin Alverson II
*Bob Ambrose
Mary Anderson Dunlap
Rowena Anderson Blumenschein
Loretta Angus Wooton
Kathy Antilla
Jim Antwine
Robyn Archer
John Robert Armstrong
Kenneth ‘Ken’ Armstrong
Dana Arnold Smith
Craig Backstrom
Daryl Backstrom
Ken Bailey
Dennis Baker
Randy Baker
Sandra Baldwin
David Ball
Mike Ballew
Mike Bander
Carol Barker Schamber
RaeDel Barker Shaw
Pam Barner Kimzey
Jon Barnes
John David Barnett
*Mike Barrett
Delia Barrios Beeson
William Barritt III
Kurt Barthel
*Doris Barton Relyea
Janet Baugh Hunter
*Keith Beavon
Al Beck
Barbara Beck
*William (Bill) Beck
Andi Becker Sigmund
Sheila Becker Henson
Stephen Beebe
*Christine Bell
Jim Bell
Melissa Benefield Basco
*Jayne Bennett Thompson
Bill Bennier
*Kathie Bentley
Dr. Jerry Benzl
Dara Berkihiser Hodges
Jane Bernsdorff Mahood
Cassie Berrisford
Susie Berry Brown
Karl Bertram
John Berude
Michael Bevins
Claudia Bigelow Harp
Janet Bigelow Reeser
Steve Binder
John Birge
*Dean Bishop
*Sandra Bittinger Yarborough
*Judy Bittle Ochoa
Esther Bjerke Larsen
Nancy Blair
Larry Blaisdell
Frank Blansfield
*Nancy Blount Hickey
Tom Blumenthal
Bruce Bock
Elaine Boles Heniger Rose
Karen Bolinger Ogg
Joann Bonello
Bob Bonzer
Ken Borgers
John Boswell
Donna Bowen Daniels
Dave Bowton
Julie Boyd Bjorge
Leslie Bradshaw Colmar
Thomas ‘Craig’ Brandmeier
Sharon Brant Weeks
Chuck Brantingham
Patricia Brassel Marks
*Kristie Brautigam Taylor
Richard ‘Rick’ Brega
Michelle Brennan Gill
Vickie Brewer
Vernon Brickey
Donald Bright
David Brinduse
Michael Brock
Marlee Brown
Sydney Brown
*Ken Bruce
*Patricia Brundle Walsh
Shelly Bryce Benke
Barbara Buckle Armstrong
Gloria Bunt Curlee
Vicki Buntin Gayton
Elaine Burdell
Carol Burgess Tetz
*Rodney Burgess
Ralph Burney
Sharon ‘Sherry’ Burr Wilson
Cathy Burrell
Cecile Buteau Keever
*Richard Paul Butt
Letitia ‘Tish’ Cadwallader Duesler
*Craig Cagie
Chris Caillarec
Carol Callahan-Kokoszka
Jane Camm Woolnough
Lillian Campbell
Rita Capel Shonka
Catalina Carbajal Galindo
*Priscilla Carde
Alan Blake Carder
Tom Carl
Arthur Carlson
Kent Carnes
John Carrigan
William "Eric" Carson
Catherine Carter
Jesse Carter
*Dean Cartwright
Lucinda ‘Cindy’ Cartwright
*Wallace ‘Larry’ Carver
Dennis Cashman
Lynne Chaffee Berry
Joseph Chamberlain
Dennis Chambers
*Gail Charmson
Michael Chavez
Henry Chavira
Tom Chippendale
Georgia Christensen Lockley
*Janis Christensen Simon
*William Christian
Bob Christie
David Clark
James Clark
Kathy Clark Carter
Randalene Clausen
*Robert Clay
*Roberta Clay
Robert Claycomb
*Connie Claypool Schellenberger
Rosalinda Clemena Aguilar
*Gary Clint
*Cheryl Cluck
Doris Coble Maxey
Monroe (Monty) Cochran
Cheryl Cocke Oliver
LaLa Cofield
Bruce Cohen
Murray "Corky" Cohn
*Patricia Colby Williams
Ron Coleman
Chris Collins Benter
*Kathleen Collins Murphy
Sandy Compton Ghormley
*Halene Conley Sanders
James Connell
Patricia Connell Schwenn
Val Connelley Nasser
*Bob Cook
Michael Cooper
Denny Cope
Korda Cordes
Bonnie Cornwell Abbott
Barbara Cottle Koskela
*Charlotte Cox
*Kay Cox Deli
*Steve Cox
*Sarah Crafford
DeeDee Crary Voorhees
*Judy Crawford
Patty Crays Derouin
Teresa Creech Grippe
Colleen Creger Shelton
Sally Crooks Cater
Edward Crosby
Tim Crosby
*Mary Crum Doerr
*Janice Cunningham Greenlee
Kenneth Melvin Cunningham
*Timothy Curtin
Karl Curtis
Michael Curtis
Linda Cusick
Richard Darsam
*Louise Dascomb Roth
Thomas Dase
Nancy Daugherty Sundin
Adele Davis
Ed Davis
John Davis
Keith Davis
Victoria Davis
Debi Day Williams
Shari Dean King
*Steve Dean
William ‘Bill’ Decker
Dale Deller
Vicky Demarinis Graves
Nancy DeNio Carpenter
Gary Denton
Marilyn Dering Howell
Judy Derouin
Jean DeSanty Kitchen
*Pat DeSturler
*Jim De Vere
Anita DiGiglio Fuller
Thomas Dietrich
Monica Dixon Martin
Spencer Djorghi
Steve Dobbins
Don Doeding
Cam Doherty Killingsworth
Russell Donati
Walter Donlyuk
Tom Doty
Gary Dougherty
Nancy Douglas
*Renee Douglas
Sheryl (Sherry) Drake Smith
Mary Dudley
John "Morgan" Duke
Dennis Dummit
Kathryn ‘Polly’ Dunkle Johnson
Gretchen Dunn Shegina
Arlene Duprey Green
Mary Dupuis Antunez
*Larry Duree
Dennis Campbell-Eagen
Gene Eastin
Carole Eckert Lanning
Gerald "Jerry" Ede
Cheryl Edwards
Joe Edwards
Sheila Edwards Chamberlain
Kirk Effinger
Paul Ehrlich
Christine Ellerbee
Paula Elliott Cosenza
*Tom Elliott
Richard Ellis
Robert Ely
Valerie Ely Marich
Kathy Emery Shana
Willard ‘Will’ Endara
Pete Engler
Barbara Erekson
Cheryle Erickson Patty
*William Erwin
Becky Escareno Rozar
Luis Escobar
Terry Eselun
Jo Evans Sherer
Nancy Evans Cochran
Pam Eveland Robinson
John Everett
Terry Fadden
Nancy Fadler Craig
Laurence ‘Howard’ Farrant
*Verda Farrar Asman
*Karen Farrington
*Sharon Farrington
Georgiana Feld Nygaard
*Linda ‘Meredith’ Ferrari
Pat Ferris Hopper
Mike Fettes
Larey Fierman
*Ronald Carl Fink
*Bill Fink
Lavada ‘Jean’ Finn Santavicca
Mia Finn
Luanne Fischer Burton
Steven L. Fish Ed.D.
Miles Fisher
Kathleen ‘Kay’ Fitzgerald Krouskup
Jack Fleischli
*Richard Foley
Lee Forman
William (Bill) Fowler
*Bonnie Francisco Simmons
Wilbur Frank
*Cathy Frantz
Sally Freeman Backstrom
Daniel Freleaux
Larry Fry
Clytia Bays-Fuller
Bill Fulton
Jerry L. Fuqua, PhD, MBA
Byron Gabrielsen
Lenny Gaeta
*Ed Gagnon
Lynn Gaiser Sarraille
*Patrick Gallagher
John Gallant
Jim Gannon
Marina Joann Gantes
Mark Garcia
Tracy Garner
*Edwin Garrett
John Garrett
Nancy Garrigues Miller
Jeff Garriques
Aaron Gartenstein
*James Garven
*Susan Gaspar Dunlavy
David Geer
Frank Geneser
*Lynn George
Cynthia Germaneri Fashbaugh
*Philip Gerringer
Kathleen Gerstner Billington
Myron ‘Steve’ Gerton
Lynn Gescheider Nielsen
*Gregory Giardina
*Terri Gibson Hatch
*Barbara Gilbert
George Gilbert
Carolyn Gill Callahan
Gregory Gill
Melody Gimby Peck
Mike Glinzak
Bill Gobbell
*Joanne Goldsmith
Myra Gollatz
*Jerry Gonzales
Judy Goodrich
*Sharon Goosey Ellis
Andrea Gordon Weil
Clive Graham
Lindsay Graham Fitch
Linda Grant Heitkamp
*Terry Gray
James Green
Loretta ‘Joan’ Greenroos Browning
Kris Greig Vance
Bob Grich
Michael Griffin
William (Wim) Griffith
Richard Gripp
Les Grommon
*Stuart Grover
John "Jake" Grubb
*Susan Guerin
Kate (Kathie) Guiver Dare-Winters
*Gerald Hagan
Tom Hageman
David Haldane
Dennis Hall
Norma Hall Marchand
*Richard Hall
*Stella Hall
Noelle Haller Riggs
Philip Hamble
*Larry Hambre
William Hampton
*Dixie Hankinson
Pam Hanny Blansfield
Eric Hansen
Janice Hanson Rose
Judy Hardacre
*Dana Harding
Craig Harmening
Bill Harris
Bob Harris
Donna Harris O'Donnell
Pam Harris Burns
Daniel Harter
Taylor ‘Don’ Hartman, PhD
Donna Hash Mairet
Donna ‘Gayle’ Hatten
*Linda Haun
Cheryl Hayden Bell
*Pam Hayden Summers
Julie Johnson-Haynes
Sue Haynes Hand
Andrew Cleveland Hayter
Carolyn Hayward
*Dave Heath
Don Heckman
Irving Heller
Scott Helton
Tom Hendon
*Gregg Henry
*Curtis Henson
Dava Hepler Crain
Roger Herlacher
Marlene Hernandez Florez
Michael Hernandez
James Hevener
*Charles Hickey
Alexandria Hill Hilton
*Cheryle Hill Woodland
*Gary Hines
George Hinson
Nancy Hjorth Ward
Gertrude ‘Trudy’ Hoeger Eusebi
Lucy Hoffman Davis
LouAnn Hogan Bonanza
Nancy Hogue Anderson
John (Robert) Homan
Robert Honeycutt
Jim Hood
Mike Hood
Ron Hoover
Sally Hopkins Reed
John Hornung
Terry ‘Lou’ Hoss
*Saundra Howard Donaldes
Russ Howell
Susan Howell DeWitz
James Hoyt
Barbara Hubbard Size
*Barbara Hudson
Kathy Hunter Franke
William (Dan) Hunter
*Roger Hurlacker
*Dick Hutchins
Daryl Irwin
Bill Jackson
Suzanne Jackson May
Christina Jacobson Bohnenkamp
Rick Jacobson
Sue Jacobson
*Vickie Jacobson Harper
Scott Jacobus
Monica James Chevalier
*Sandra James
Sylvia Janecek
Linda Janeczko Ranes
*Michael Jaromillo
Carol Jarvis Petrillo
Linda Jeambert
Terry Jeffords
Jeff Jellick
Jim Jennings
Bruce Johnson
*Julie Johnson Haynes
Kirt Johnson
Leanna Johnson Gutman
Mary Jean Johnson
*Nicki (‘Nicole’) Johnson
Roxanne Johnson
*Steven Johnson
Susan Johnson Klemin
Andy (‘Andrew’) Johnston
Denise Johnston Smalley
Frank Jones
Shari Jones Bohle
Linda Judisch Grogan
Rachel Kahl
John Kahler
Janet ‘Rosie’ Kaller Stelling
Carla Katz
Jeanne Katz McKay
Ron Kaufman
Pete Kegan
George Kelly
Randy Kemner
*Pat Kennedy
Robert Kennelly Jr
Terry Kenney
Steve Kerns
John Kiddie
Robert Kier
Dennis Kimzey
Thomas Kindschi
Victoria Kirk O’Neill
Cleta Kirkpatrick Nesbitt
*Connie Kite
*John Kling
*Don Klootwyk
Linda Knapp Fetting
Richard Knox
*Shirley Knox Winton
Bonnie Kober Peterson
Terry ‘Teri’ Koenig
Wendy Krafft Copra
*John Krieg
Laura Kroll Wabash
Mary Ann Kubecka Chubb
Melinda Kugler Price
Barbara Kuhns Sheaffer
Debbie Kunzweiler Stangle
Jack Kurtzberg
John Kyle
*Suzanne La Fleiche
*Jim Laiy
John Lake
Bob LaMasney
Gil Lamb
*Frank Lambeati
Scott Landis
Paul Lang
Micheal Laridon
Rick Larsen
Don Larson
Vincent Larson
*Linda Lauer
Paula Lavrakas Bray
*Susan Lay Scott
Marty Leavelle
Frank E. Lee
*Melanie Lemer
*Pat Lenehan Klasky
Susan Lent Dowds
Julie Lepick Burns
Yvonne Lespier
Bruce Lewis
*Cathy Lewis
*Jean Lewis Doyle
Pam Lewis-Plumbley Ed.D
*Sally Lewis
Steve Lieber
Judith Lindgren Watson
Jim Lineberger
Jim Lingle
*Barbara Lipstein Sperling
Kenneth Litzinger
Barbara Livengood
Anthony Logan
Sue Logan Engstrom
Susan Long
Claire Looman Pollero
*Linda Loomis Garrett
Jessica Losch
Gary Lough
Julie Lovell Drysdale
Craig Lowe
Marilyn Ludolph Whitney
David Luippold
Kari Lydersen Boster
Anne Lynch
Les Lyon
Cynthia Lytle Torma
William Maahs Jr.
Marie MacKay Reichert
Judi MacPherson Ambrosius
Brian Magee
Kathy Magers
Andrea Mahin
Claudia Mahin
Jessica Mahin
Stefan Alexander Malan
Garnette Malbeuf Long
Ron Manning
*Michael Mantz
Janet Marcum Lehman Knox
Judy Marcum McFadden
Charlene Marks Thomas
James Marks
Michael B. Maron, PhD
Bonnie Marriott
*Rosemary Marty ‘Mary’ Martens
Dan Marter
Dennis Martin
John Martin
Kathryn Martin Karas
Mark Martinson
Brian Mathison
Bob (Robert) Matsuda
William Matthews
*Juliette Mattson Bult
*Paul Mattson
Blanche Mauger Thome
*Gaylene Maulden Goff
Jacquelyn Maxson Jones
Denny Mayfield
James Mayfield IV
*Richard Mazey
*Susan McCallum Sadowski
*Robert McCleron
Greg McClure
Linda McCollum Gartley
Donald McCormick
*Lyn McCormick LaRosa
*Mike McCoullagh
Jim McCoy
*Wally McDonald
Karen McDonell Seamons
Laurie McEachern Kupfer
Scott McFarland
*Darlene McGarrity Laridon
*Michael McGinity
Don McGrath
Sandra McHugh Koehnlein
Pauline McIndoo Taylor
Melanie McKinstry Henkel
Karen McLain
Claire McLeish Tomko
*Sharon McMurray
*Phyllis McQuilkin
John Mehler
Ross Melin
*Maria ‘Connie’ Mendez
Betsy Menser Metcalfe
Theresa (Terry) Menshek
Susan Merlo Breen
*Don Michaelson
Linda Miley
Barbara Jo Miller
*Donald Miller
Evelyn Miller Kuida
Gerald ‘Jerry’ Miller
Gregg Miller
Sheryl Miller Engler
Nancy Millie Clock
Mimi Milner McMahan
Connie Minyard Feneck
Rosemary Misiti English
*Jim Mitchell
*Patrick Mohr
Fran Moore Gerrish
Willa Moore
*Loretta Mora
Greg Morgon
Bruce Morimoto
John Morris
*Valarie Morris
Wesley Morrissey
Tom Morse
Stephanie ‘Sarah’ Mosko
Pat Mulvey Cooney
Maryl Mummert Janowicz
JoEllen Munnerlyn Whitecotton
Jim Murphy
Cindy Murray Smith
Diane ‘Di’ Myers Doyle
Gary Naeve
Joni Lynn Nash Rick
Linda Nash Davis
Casey Nasser
Dan Nead II
Ginger Neal Messmer
Gary Nease
Andrea Neble Cook
Gian A. Negretti
Wanda Nelson Brady
Judi Nesbitt McMahon
*Nancy Neumann Webber
Roxie Newberry
Wayne Nicholls
George Nichols, MD
Steve Nichols
Josie Nieto Jellick
*Mark Nolan
*Linda Nothern
Dale Nosworthy
Nicki O'Brien Maahs
*Tom O'Conner
David O'Day
Catherine Offley Palmer
*Pamela Oglesby
Timothy Olcott
Douglas Old
Lois Olson Pond
Shirley Orpen Dixon
(Martha) Jo Orr
Dick Orr
*Gloria Ortega
*Karen Osborn Wilber
Robert Osborne
Georgia Osterhoudt
Patrick Ozzie Oswald
Rick Paap
*Linda Sue Page
*Mary Page Goglia
*Timme Pard
Randy Pares
*Mary Parham Hines
Chris Park
Charlotte Patterson Deuich
Kenneth ‘Mike’ Patterson
Wanda Paulsen
Pam Pearson Sallee
Margaret Pellegrini Mallett
Pam Peters
Susan (Sue) Peters White
Belinda ‘Linda’ Peterson Schurr
Douglas Peterson
*Janis Peterson
June Peterson Anderson
Kristine Peterson Hale
Paul Peterson
Tom Pezman
Leora Pfeiffer Dickson
Pat Phillippi
*Marie Phillips
*Judy Pickering
Janet Pierce Pfingsten
(Donald) Dan Pittman
Dawn Plunkett Cannata
*Michele (Shelly) Pohl Ugolini
(Anthony) Tony Pomella
*(William) Bill Potter
George Potter
John Potter
April Power Dvorak
Robert Pray
Joel Present
*Andy Price
Jim Price
Bill Pridemore
Kep Probst Winters
Melodie Propotnik Dimmick
Michael Puckett
Janet Pycha Stirling
Wanda Quandt Gemson
*Walter ‘Wally’ Raepple
Tina Ramsey Tierney
Rosemary Randa Kuhn
*Vannas Randall
*Shelley Rapton
Phyllis Rathbone Robison
Betsy Rathbun Lineberger
*Nancie Reed
Theresa Reese
David Reeser
*Stan Reeves
Joe Reynolds
*Mary Reynolds
(Charles) Barry Rice
Marlene Rice
George Richardson
*Joyce Richerson
Norman Riggs
*Jay Riker
*Michael Riley
*Cheri Risley
Suzanne Roady-Ross
*Diane Robincheau Free
Gregg Robinson
Pamela Robinson Kresse
Peggy Robinson
*John Rocheort
*Joy Rodriguez
Johanna Rollins Huelsbek
Marty Romero
*Melissa Ropp Wilcox
Janet Rosenlof Hooper
Laurel Roska Wood
*James Ross
Nedra Ross Atwood
Kathy Rowland Jagger
Margo Roy Weatherton
Lee Rozier
Marlene Rozofsky Rogers
*Jacquelinemae Rudd
(Edwin) Ted Rue
Karen Runnells Roggero
*Susan Russell Piper
*Enno Sack
John Sallee Jr
Alan Samuel
Gay Sandberg Anderson
*Susan Santa Cruz
Janet Sardella Czar
Laurence ‘Larry’ Sarver
*(Virginia) Ginger Savage
Helga Schleimann Ketterer
Sharon Schlieper Lamb
Cheryl Schmid Steube
Ken Schmidt
Carole Schnug Marlowe
Grace Schonfeld Witting
Dan Emil Schorovsky
Nancy Schrack Pitts
Lynn Schroeder Eaton
Carole Schubert Wilson
Dennis Schuler
*Gloryanne Schultz
Charles Scott
Cindi Scott
Susan Scott Witt
George Scouten Jr.
Kathleen Seay Hawkins
Tim Sennatt
Kent Serviss
Jeff Severson
Nancy Shallis Desmond
*Janie Shannon
Becky Sharp Wyatt
*Eric Shaver
Dennis Shaw
Dennis Shelton
Jeff Shepard
Linda Shepherd Cox
Alton (Bruce) Sherman Jr
*Christine Sherwood Alford
Joseph Shuff III
Patricia Shuford De Long
*Daryl Sicard
T. Dalene Sickles Woods
Kenny Siegers
Steve Siemion
Marcelo Siero
Laura Silverstein
Robert Simmons
*Linda Simpson
Steve Singer
Barbara Sjolund Fogle
Caran Skoff
*Debbie Sloss
Dr. Darrel Smith
*David Smith
Jo Ann Smith
*Karen Smith
Kent Smith
*Lara Smith
*Lauren Smith Haferbecker
*Patrick Smith
Patricia Snow Hayes
Jean So
*Marcia Sobelman Matinich
Mike Sortors
Dena Sparks Kirkwood
Linda Spears Taylor
*Charles Spicer
Carla Spiesman Evans
Siri Stafford Curley
Terry Stahl Galarza
Ron Staley
Allen Steele
Russell Steen
Mike Steinhauser
Linda Stevens Pester
Don Stevenson
*Gaye Stewart
Linda Stiles Hornback
Mark Stokes
*Lynda Stone
Linda Strand Travell
Bill Stromberg Jr.
Robbie Stuart
George Stucken
Nancy Student Curry
Lou Ellen Sundberg
John Sundin
Jay Sussman
Ramona Sutton Rice
Pat Swetnam
Ruth (Gail) Swick Mastriana
*Kim Swinehart
Margie Switzer Cowan
Doug Syvertson
Fay Taggart Lanning
Jeremy Tarantino
Peter Tate
William (Bill) Tatman
Kathleen Tatreau Lingener
Jan Tattam
Carl Taylor
Ronald Taylor
Sandy Taylor Torrey
Cecilia Teran
*Diana Thebo
Debbie Thomas Bartell
Gail Thomas
Charles Thompson
Gayle Thompson Taggart
Jan Thompson Rowe
Linda Thompson Tonissen
Andrea Thresh
*Lynn Tietjen
Mary Tobias
Peggy Tollefson McCormick
*Sue Tolman Carlberg
Melinda Torres
Michael Torrey
Paul Trafas
Beverly Treadaway Decker
Tania Tschernjan Aslanian
Larry Tuff
Jan Tunnicliff
Jay Tunnicliff
*Martha Turley
*Catherine Tuttle
Wayne Twigger
Mary Van Cott-Hand
Edward Van Fossen
June VanderHoek Cubberly
Clinton Venable Jr.
Paul Venne
Cindy Vermillion Hamilton
Carol Vierkant Ming
Nelson Vierra
*Louis Vipperman
Kathy Vlahakis
Virginia Voelker Tedline
Jon Vreeland
John Vrolyk
*Nancy Wagenaar Keiser
Karen Walley Lokken
Michael S. Walley M.D.
Rocky Walsborn
*David Walsh
Kathy ‘Kathleen’ Ward Gerber
Kathy Ware Day
Vicki Warnock Scalaro
JoAnn Washam Winson
Mark Wasserkrug
Rick Wasserman
*H. Allyn Watson
Wynema Watson Mittal
Bonnie Wayne Murphy
John Weatherton
Edward Webb
*Stanley Webb
*Clarissa ‘Jane’ Webber
Mary Wegner
Chester "Bud" Wehe III
Douglas ‘Doug’ Weihe
*Brynn Weinberg
Barbara Weinberger Willett
Jonathan Welch
*Mark Weller
Dr. Betty Wells
Debbie Wells Boone
Mike Wells
Chris Wenkle
Don Wentz
David Werner
*Cheryl West
Elayna West Konoske
Robb Westerkamp
Boyd Wheeler
Janie Wheeler
Polly Whelton
Fleet White Jr.
Gene White
James White
Nancy White Reid
Nona Whiteker Payne
Gordon Whyte
Christine Wiezorek McChesney
Cheryl Wiggs Curtis
Geoffrey Wight
Linda Wilder Childers
Irene Wilhelm Gray
Barbara Williams Murray
Dennis Williams
Kent Williams
Ross Williams
*Theresa Williams Runyon
Ted Williams Jr.
Diane Williamson Knodel
Daren Wilson Stage
*George Wilson
Tim Wilson
Donna Windham Piequet
Margo Wintermote Bergkvist
*Jim Winton
April Wirtel Stuart
David Wishney
Mary Wogoman
*Louis Wood
Glenn Woodall
Alan Woods
Caralee Woods
*Linda Woolington
Robert Woolnough
Steven Jon Worly
(Edward) Don Wortman
Ron Wortman
Victoria Wurthman Roy
Stephen (Kerry) Wyckoff
Martha Wylder Borgers
Suenell Yankie Broyer
Steve Yanowitz
Jim York
*Joan ‘Jean’ Young Zimmerman
*Sue-Ann Zahm
*Linda Zalneraitis
Victor Zamora
David Zantiny
Gerald (Gerry) Zawisza
David Zeiger
Steve Zieg
Joe Zikas

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